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Amy Gerard, CMT, LMT

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"I used to get massages once in a while, and only when I was in pain or totally stressed out. Amy is the first massage therapist to make me realize the power of regular massage therapy. She is talented, personable, professional, attentive to my needs and has solved so many different problems: from pain associated to working on my computer too long, to sports injuries, to just overall stress relief. Amy has been able to relieve every muscle/joint issue I've thrown at her!" - Carolin

"I'm over eight months pregnant and Amy gave me a fantastic massage. I've had a lot of upper back pain and she really worked on the sore spots to relieve much of the aching. She has strong hands and gives a deep yet relaxing massage. She is priced very reasonably for home visits. I would recommend her highly." - Alex

"Amy is a gifted Massage Therapist specializing in Pre and Postnatal Massage. A local mom of 2 young boys, Amy understands the complexity of a mother’s body and how to heal it. Her extensive training and experience brings comfort to those seeking relief." - Liliana

"After months of recurring back pain, I decided to look into Massage Therapy, based on the reviews on this website (Park Slope Parents) and someone else who wrote to me suggesting Amy, I called Amy. She came to my apartment once a week for several weeks and my back has never felt this good. She did an amazing job. Spent time really understanding what my problems were and worked hard on focusing on them during the massage. She is also a very pleasant woman. I can't recommend her highly enough."- Amanda

"Amy is an amazing massage therapist who really listens to what's bothering you. She also does very deep work upon request (many therapists say they do but then really don't) and does a terrific prenatal massage. She also works part-time in a physical therapy office which brings a medical sensibility to her work. I wholeheartedly recommend her and I am pretty picky!" - Doria

"I am 8 months pregnant and have often found prenatal massage to be unsatisfying because the therapist is 'walking on eggshells' and afraid to really dig in to the knots. Amy was very comfortable using deep pressure and really listened to me when I told her where the sore spots were. She was pleasant to talk to and knowledgeable.

I would definitely recommend her, especially to pregnant women but to everyone else too! It's an expense for us to pay for an at-home massage but it was worth every penny." - Clarissa

"Unlike many practitioners who have their ''routine'' and if you say, ''I'm here because I have horrible hip pain,'' they spend 5 minutes on that and otherwise do their thing, Amy gives truly customized massages aimed at YOU and your healing and relaxation. You can either go to her or she can make housecalls. For prenatal, she uses loads of pillows propped just so, enabling pregnant women to lie on their stomachs, and she gives wonderful massages." - Ana

"I was first able to go to Amy Gerard in 2006. I am now 75 and have persistent aches and pains with joint damage and arthritis. It is very important to me to avoid surgical intervention and use holistic methods to relieve the symptoms. Amy's deep massage and knowledge of the muscular-skelton physiology was very therapeutic in relieving the stress in my body. I am particularly vulnerable in the lower back, neck and shoulders and always enjoyed great relief that lasted for some time after our appointments. I highly recognize her abilities, especially in geriatric massage, in locating and relieving 'tension spots.' She has my highest recommendation." -Ruth

"Amy exudes calm and has magic hands. She’s clearly an empath and always meets me where I am. I am so thankful to have found a massage therapist with her technical skill as well as genuine, down to earth  personality. I feel transformed every time I leave.” - Corrinne

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